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I think, thanks to the miles between us that I am in good time to wish you a really happy day, and a whole 12 more months to follow that day.
Just returned from a pleasant but poorly attended Christmas meeting of the Wellington BookCrossers.  We met in the apartment of KiwiinEngland who is no longer in England but settled down in Wellington.  As always good food, conversation and books.  It was also a chance to say farewell to DiscoveryLover who leaves on 1st January headed to Edinburgh with a two year visa to stay across in distant lands for that time.
Guess it is morning time in your country as I write this so  I hope you've got great plans for good food and celebrations.  I'll continue thinking of you getting ready to celebrate.


WOOSANG Happy Birthday!

Do hope you have a great time.
You've not been around much on LJ recently.  Are you perhaps yet another defector to Face Book?
Warm regards but no fancy gadgets I'm afraid. Just back from Washington C and slightly jet-lagged this morning.

Have a look at this.

Maurice Gee, celebrated New Zealand author, has a new way of publicizing a book.  Check it out.



Dear LW,
Hope you have a joyful day tomorrow and are able to do some exciting celebratory things even amid strangers.
Will  be thinking of you. Can't even raise a glass to you just now but the thought is there.
Many, many Happy Returns.

{{{{{{{{ LW }}}}}}}}

Hello, I'm back

.....I'm not very good at making New Year Resolutions but this year I am determined that I WILL post an entry when I log in to LJ, before I catch up with everyone's entries.  It seems to have been a lifetime without LJ although in the greater scheme of things it isn't really long.  It is just that I have missed my LJ friends. Hopefully the malaise that affected me at the end of 2009 is virtually passed and life will be normal and full on once again. The psoriasis programme is exceedingly difficult to handle while away from home. I'll write about that separately.
.....MrFan and I are currently in Palmerston North supporting   daughterfan 's brood taking part in NZ's National Roller Sports Championships.  It has been a very full-on week with many events each day, some of special interest involving our  three grandchildren and some watching other national experts in their field competing and generally strutting their stuff. Can one strut on roller skates? Somehow I doubt it.
.....Our 15 yr old grandson GSM is new to the competitive part of speed skating and has had great success with about 7 bronze medals capped with a first in the artistic field with a Gold Medal in Dance Pairs, to the delight of his partner, her parents and his. His own as well I expect.  GSG, now 13, is competing in higher grade this year against older skaters with more experience so although her marks, scored against a National Scale, are pleasing they were generally outside the medal range. She did receive about three medals I think but the aging memory is letting me down as I write this. GSW and his dance partner were not participating in competitive events but skating against National scores and were satisfied with their achievements. He was also  in events that were new to him but in which he held his own.
.....This evening we will attend a closing Ceremony during which the names will be announced of whose who qualified for inclusion in Oceania Championships in July. That is awaited anxiously and hopefully. 
     It has been a  strenuous if sedentary week sitting concentrating on events so we are both tired and will not wait until the end of the evening when younger fitter folk will take part in a disco. 
     Something we did while here was to farewell our PN grand-daughter who is leaving next weel for a year at school in Sweden.  She plans to keep a web blog while she is away so we are keenly looking forward to that as it will be such a different experience for her. I doubt she has any comprehension of the change in temperatures.
     We head back to Upper Hutt tomorrow trying to leave early to avoid the build up of traffic on the highways as holiday folk return to real life in the work place on Monday. I plan to remedy my lack of Christmas messages next week.

For Teotakuu

Wishing you a wonderfully happy day today;
I'm sure you'll receive lots of messages from far and near.
Be thankful I'm not close enough to sing to you - that would not be good from this tuneless voice.   Warm regards from the North Island


Sep. 28th, 2009

Dear Wombles
Hope you have a really happy birthday.
I will allow for the time change and send you positive vibes during the day.
Very Warm Regards
and HUGS


BIRTHDAY GREETINGS  </a></b></a>lytteltonwitch




I know this is early but I'm busy tomorrow and just might miss so I'm getting in early.
Hope the two of you have lots of good things planned so you have an exciting day.
I haven't seen postings from you recently. Hope that life is being kind to  you and it is simply that you are too busy to write.
Warm wishes